Topic: 1947 Lincoln barn find, storage since 1961

billearls    -- 07-11-2023 @ 7:31 PM
  New to forum. I purchased a 1947 Lincoln Sport Coupe that has been in storage since 1961. 100% original, inside & out. Has some body surface rust but is laser straight. Beautiful paint and trim that cleans up nicely, see pix below. My intentions are to clean it up and try to get it running and to obviously keep it in its original condition.

Looking for ideas on how to get engine to turn. Not in a hurry, have removed spark plugs and spraying in Kroil 2x day. Have not tried to turn it over. Will not use starter, will turn is manually to try to get it to move. Never done this before, particularly on an original V-12.

Any ideas or thoughts would be extremely appreciated. Located on northern IL.

I have been working on cleaning up stainless trim and grill, bumpers, etc. as I lube cylinders. Do not car if it takes 6 months to get engine to turn, just do not want to cause any harm to it.

Car is a diamond in the rough. Everything I polish - paint, ss trim, grill - shines up like a new penney.

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TomO    -- 07-14-2023 @ 5:47 PM
  Very nice looking car. The condition is very good considering the long storage.

I don't want to dampen your enthusiasm, but when a car has been parked that long, you should investigate why it was parked and not brought out of storage. There may be a mechanical issue that has to be taken care of before it can be made operational again. If it did not have an engine issue, it may have one when you try to turn over the engine with dry bearings.

You can get some lubrication to the bearings by using a pressurized tank of oil and forcing oil into the galley by the oil pressure port at the back of the block.

The engine has hydraulic valve lifters and they will most likely have to be removed from the engine, disassembled and cleaned, then checked for leak down before the engine can be made operational.

In addition to adding a penetrating oil (I prefer Marvel Mystery Oil) to the cylinders, I would remove the intake manifold and pour some down the intake ports and along the valve guides to try to free up the valves.

I would use the starter to try to turn the engine over. The front of the engine has a vibration damper on the crankshaft that can damaged easily and you may have difficulty in obtaining parts. Just tap the button on the bottom of the starter solenoid with no spark plugs.

Here is a link to the Lincoln V-12 Engine Repair Manual

You can look it over and then purchase one of the reprints available.

I live in Palatine, IL and belong to Regional Group 8. They meet in Arlington Heights. Here is a link to the website

If you are close, you should drop in next Tuesday.


billearls    -- 07-15-2023 @ 6:35 PM
  Tom, thank you very much for your response and advice. Would very much like to attend this meeting. Know cars, engines, etc. in general but certainly not the Lincoln V-12 specifically. Would be good to discuss ideas, etc. Thank you also for the link to the engine manual, will review. Thx again for response. Saw listing for 1937-1946 Lincoln V12 engine, would this work for my '47? I have not done anything to the engine except remove plugs an spray in Kroil. Do you have ideas on how to get pressurized oil to the bearings? Do not have anything for this, how is it done, is a pressurized oiler something I can purchase? Will try to make 7/18 meeting in Arlington Heights. Look forward to meeting you in person there. Bill

40 Coupe    -- 07-16-2023 @ 5:16 AM
  If you place the transmission in gear and push the car back and forth, with the spark plugs removed, does the engine rotate at all? Is the engine locked up?

billearls    -- 07-16-2023 @ 6:06 AM
  Great idea, and will eventually try this. Looking to put as much lubrication on pistons, valves, and follow previous advice on perhaps removing intake and putting in Marvel Mystery Oil, trying go inject oil into rear bearings. Really appreciate all such ideas. Intend on attending local Ford V8 meeting in Arlington Heights, IL on July 18th. Really want to go slowly so as to hopefully get the best possible results. I am reviewing the engine manual data in previous link, going to make one PDF file from all jpg’s. Totally unknown on current engine condition. Realize could be in not so good shape after storage or maybe issues prior to storage. What I have is time but not the knowledge to proceed so intend to go very slowly before attempting to rotate engine.

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billearls    -- 07-16-2023 @ 8:11 AM
  Front right brake draggy, need to adjust shoes inward so I can roll in/out of garage more easily. Not familiar with 1947 Lincoln, thought would be like Ford with eccentrics but obviously not. Any advice, instruction, diagrams greatly appreciated.

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TomO    -- 07-31-2023 @ 5:08 PM
  Sorry about the delay in getting back to you. Your Lincoln has Bendix brakes with a star wheel adjustment. Look for a slot at the bottom of the backing plate with a rubber plug in it. Remove the plug and use a brake adjusting spoon or a screwdriver to turn the star wheel. The wheel should turn up to loosen the adjustment and down to tighten the adjustment. If i am wrong about the direction, you should know in a short time as the drum will drag more on the shoes as you try to loosen the adjustment.

There may be another reason that the shoes are dragging, so if the adjustment doesn't work you will have to remove the drum to find the cause.


billearls    -- 08-10-2023 @ 1:12 PM
  Thanks Tom. I attended the July meeting in Arlington Heights and was instructed then to look a little closer. Clip on back plate much smaller than I was used to on my prior 1962 Chevy so did not see it on my Lincoln initially. Got brake adjusted so can roll out of garage.

BTW, the guys gave me a listing of the members of the N IL Regional Group. Would it be okay to call you sometime to talk about my V-12? If so, please advise if days or evenings work best. I can email you my contact information as well.

Thanks again. Bill

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