Topic: Lincoln Flathead v12 oil+additive recommendations

MistahNash    -- 07-15-2021 @ 10:27 AM
  Ok what oil are you guys running in your v12 Lincoln's? Any additive recommendations? Car has sat for along time.

1931 Flamingo    -- 07-15-2021 @ 12:25 PM
  Marvel Mystery Oil in both the gas tank AND crankcase aren't going to hurt anything. JMO

Paul in CT

carcrazy    -- 07-15-2021 @ 4:47 PM
  If it were mine, I would use the same oil and additive that I use in all my old Ford Flathead V-8s. For oil use a conventional (non-synthetic) SAE 30 Detergent (Pennzoil or other reputable brand) and 8 ounces of Red Line Engine Oil Break-In Additive. The reason for using this additive is that it contains the proper amounts of ZDDP (zinc and phosphorus) to reduce the wear at the sliding surfaces between the camshaft lobes and the lifters of flat tappet engines. The reason for using the conventional SAE 30 weight oil is that it reduces the chances of having the engine leak or burn oil.

TomO    -- 07-16-2021 @ 11:09 AM
  I use 10w-30 oil in my V-8 without any additives. I recommend that you use the same oil in your Lincoln. The oil companies go to great lengths to create an additive package that will lubricate the engine at all temperatures and rpm's and any additive can upset the balance that the refinery tried to accomplish. As long as you buy from a major refinery, your engine should last a long time.

I would also make the next change after about 500 miles. Those 500 miles should be driven like you are breaking in a new engine ( no faster that 35 mph for the first 100 miles and then up to 50 mph for the next 1,000 miles. do not drive long periods at the same mph. Do not lug the engine, keep the rpms above 1,000 except at stop lights. Do not idle the engine for more than 2 minutes at a time.)

If your engine burns excessive oil after 2,000 miles, you can try dribbling Seafoam down the catburetor until the driveway looks like a London Fog then pour the rest of the can down the carburetor until the engine stops. Let the car sit for 24 hours or more and then drive it aggressively on the highway varying speeds for about 30 minutes. This may break the oil control eings free. You can repeat this a few times, if it does not free up the rings, you will have to tear down the engine.


sarahcecelia    -- 04-22-2022 @ 4:35 PM
  ALL OIL "back in the day;" had ZINC in it! it was the recommended oil by "Ford Motor Company;" unfortunately later (maybe in the 90's?) the EPA outlawed it !It should be used it in all of these flat head motors!!That's all I use in my 1950, and my 1940.I can buy- Valvoline 10-30 "High Zinc" Racing Oil at any good auto supply.

Regards, Steve Lee

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