Topic: 48 Lincoln rear end ratio

windjamer    -- 10-03-2020 @ 9:05 AM
  Can anyone please tell me the rear end ratio of a 48 Lincoln ?

therunwaybehind    -- 10-06-2020 @ 4:22 AM
  Not to be badly served but there is no pages for any of the 1941-1948 Ford, Mercury and Lincoln torque tube drive and rear end. There is interestingly enough a pair of pages for the Lincoln planetary type Overdrive attached to the rear of the transmission. Section VI page 107-108 in Ford V-8 Service Bulletins 1941-1948 Complete. Let me seek more widely. 4.33:1 is mentioned for the Zephyr V-12 in 1936 in this article. My search for others will continue.

TomO    -- 10-06-2020 @ 8:21 AM
  I could not find the rear end gear set for the 42-48 differential in the 1939-1946 Chassis Parts Catalog.

I went to the Old Car Brochures site and looked at the specs for a 1947 Lincoln in the 1947 Brochure. The rear end ratios given there are 4.22 without over drive and 4.44 with overdrive.

I suggest that you look on the bottom of the housing for 2 numbers like "35 8". Divide the smaller number into the larger number to get the ratio. The number will most likely be on the support for the pinion gear.


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