Topic: Steering wheel play

Lightning    -- 08-12-2019 @ 5:52 PM
  Thanks Tom. Does anyone know what the adjusting screw on the steering box adjusts? Does it have anything to do with play?

37RAGTOPMAN    -- 08-23-2019 @ 5:50 AM
you should look for a MOTORS shop manual ,or LINCOLN SHOP MANUAL for you application, will lead you step by step
well worth the information,
hope this helps., 37Ragtopman

check all your tie-rods and the drag link, to see if worn [ any play ]and see if sector shaft wobbles,
and the king pins for wear

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sarahcecelia    -- 08-31-2019 @ 3:46 PM
  That screw only adjusts the end play of the "Sector shaft."

If you have play in your steering it can be multiple things: worn tie rods, king pins, worn sector shaft/ and or, worm gear, idler arm, etc., etc. A "Real Can of Worms!"

Regards, Steve Lee

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