Topic: Dashboard Welt Photo for 1940 Closed Car?

RAK402    -- 09-23-2022 @ 1:41 PM
  I am getting close to putting the Windshield Garnish Moldings back in, and am looking for a close up photo of the welt at the intersection of the Dashboard, Garnish Moldings, and Side/Windshield Pillars.

I know that it curves around and rolls up, but I don't know how far, if the core of the welt should be removed where it goes under the garnish molding, etc.

If anyone has an pictures or advice they would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all in advance.

kubes40    -- 09-23-2022 @ 4:18 PM
  Typically, the welt terminates about 3" above (vertically) the instrument panel where it is subsequently tucked behind the molding on each side. The core should be cut out beyond the exposed part.
The photo I'd attached is a coupe. Still, for reference, it should give you a clear idea of what you are attempting to replicate.

Mike "Kube" Kubarth

RAK402    -- 09-23-2022 @ 4:20 PM
  Thank you sir!

That is EXACTLY what I was looking for!

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