Topic: 1940 Ford Fordor Deluxe Windlace question?

RAK402    -- 08-04-2022 @ 7:32 PM
  Does anyone have a photograph of how the windlace is terminated at the floor?

Does it tuck under the door sill plates?

Thank you all in advance.

kubes40    -- 08-05-2022 @ 5:37 AM
  I do not have a photo. However, once it (windlace) gets to the floor, remove the core and glue about 1 1/2" of the material (core removed) to the floor.

Mike "Kube" Kubarth

RAK402    -- 08-06-2022 @ 1:02 PM
  As always, thank you sir.

I assume that, the flattened portion of the windlace (with the core removed) tucks under the floor mat in front and the carpet in the rear?

kubes40    -- 08-06-2022 @ 2:02 PM
  Yes, under the mat and under the carpet... correct.

Mike "Kube" Kubarth

1940 Tom    -- 08-06-2022 @ 7:34 PM
  Photos attached.

Follow Mike's excellent instructions/directions and your windlace installation should look something like this.

Good luck and have a nice weekend.


RAK402    -- 08-06-2022 @ 11:35 PM
  Thank you both for the information.

Great photographs Tom-I will attempt to make mine look exactly like that!

Thank you both again!

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