Topic: Brake light switch

sarahcecelia    -- 08-12-2019 @ 6:00 PM
  Mike" Kubes" Kubarth, (or any body else that knows)

What is the power source, for the green "hot" wire, on the brake light switch on my 1940 car?

Regards, Steve Lee

trjford8    -- 08-13-2019 @ 6:53 AM
  The hot wire to the switch comes from a direct battery source. If you are installing a factory harness the original diagram will show you the correct contact. If you are wiring the car yourself without a factory style harness you can connect to the battery side of the ignition switch or to the hot side of the terminal block on the firewall.

sarahcecelia    -- 08-14-2019 @ 4:51 AM
  I know it would come from a direct battery source.That is not my question.

I'm having a brake light problem, and as such need to know where that power comes from; I.E. what was the source when the car was built!

Regards, Steve Lee

trjford8    -- 08-14-2019 @ 7:43 AM
  The hot side of the circuit breaker is the source. If you have the 1938-1940 Ford Service Bulletin book it will show you a complete wiring diagram for the 1940 passenger car. If you don't have the book it might be worth your while to purchase it. It's amazing how many of your questions that book will answer for you.

sarahcecelia    -- 08-15-2019 @ 4:58 AM
  Where can I purchase the book, and what is the cost??

Regards, Steve Lee

trjford8    -- 08-15-2019 @ 7:10 AM
  You can purchase the service bulletin books from most V-8 parts vendors. Try C and G Parts at 1-760-740-2400 or Dennis Carpenter Parts at 1-800-476-9653. Also check with those vendors who advertise in the V-8 Times magazine.

sarahcecelia    -- 08-16-2019 @ 6:05 AM
  Got it! Thank you sir!!

Regards, Steve Lee

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