Topic: 1940 DeLuxe Convertible rubber horn grommets

sarahcecelia    -- 06-11-2019 @ 5:01 AM
  What is the best way to install the rubber grommets on the horn tubes where they go into the metal bracket ??
I tried Putting them on the tubes first, and than pushing them into the oval holes in the bracket, and they were too tight and would have split the rubber.
Can they be installed after the horn is in that cutout in the metal bracket? Difficult to do that way, to say the least; but possible.

Regards, Steve Lee

carcrazy    -- 06-11-2019 @ 6:25 AM
  They are tough to install. I did this job about 15 years ago and to the best of my memory, I think I had to cut the grommets and use lots of silicone spray lube to install them.

sarahcecelia    -- 06-11-2019 @ 8:05 AM
  Did you install them: (#1) AFTER the horn tubes were in the openings in the metal bracket or,

(#2) PUT THEM ON THE HORN TUBES FIRST , and then push the horn tubes into the openings in the metal bracket?

I think the second method(#2) would tend to slice and ruin them. The first method (#1) might work with silicone and a plastic upholstery/ or windshield glass rubber installing tool?

What say you???

Regards, Steve Lee

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carcrazy    -- 06-11-2019 @ 5:20 PM
  I don't remember for sure but think I installed them after the horns were in the brackets.

kubes40    -- 06-12-2019 @ 5:46 AM
  I always install them after the horns are installed to the bracket. I use window cleaner to lubricate the grommets... works like a champ.

Mike "Kube" Kubarth

sarahcecelia    -- 06-12-2019 @ 9:02 AM
  Thank you!!

Regards, Steve Lee

sarahcecelia    -- 06-12-2019 @ 9:07 AM
  Thank you Kube!! I was waiting for your reply, because I know that you would know how to do it. Car Crazy replied just before you, and he got them on just like you did! I'm really surprised about the trick of using window cleaner. At 82 years old I had never heard of that one!! Thanks again to both of you!!!

Regards, Steve Lee

sarahcecelia    -- 06-22-2019 @ 1:38 PM
  Mike "kubes," My rubber grommets for the horns are in such bad condition that there is no way to get them in properly and have them do the job they were meant to do. God knows I tried, but no soap! They were in, and not in, at the same time! Somebody, that had the car before me, had cut them, at one point in the oval, to get them in; and they are split at the grooves in them in some places, because they must have forced them in, and by doing so the metal bracket cut them, Can good ones be had? If not is there some kind of "fix?" What do you advise?? Split rubber hose?? There has got to be some way to remedy this situation.

Regards, Steve Lee

carcrazy    -- 06-22-2019 @ 7:16 PM
  MAC's Auto Parts has the grommets. They are called Grommets at support bracket, horn to fender apron spacers, rubber. Part No. 91A-13912 (fit 1939-1948) for $6.95 per pair.
Call them at 1-877-230-9680 to order.

sarahcecelia    -- 06-23-2019 @ 5:02 AM

Regards, Steve Lee

sarahcecelia    -- 06-23-2019 @ 7:47 AM
  Are these one piece, or cut, so you can get them onto the horn? If one of them is one piece (like in the part photo online at mac's), how would a person get it onto the horn flute???

Regards, Steve Lee

carcrazy    -- 06-23-2019 @ 1:27 PM
  I make a single cut through the grommet with a box cutter.

sarahcecelia    -- 06-23-2019 @ 3:50 PM
  On Mac's ,and Carpenters catalog, I see these grommets are one piece, which would mean that you have to take the trumpets off to install them. I see no way to remove the trumpets. If you have to cut them , in one place on each, where is the best place to put the cut?
I installed w/shields on VW bugs in the 60's.The way to get the w/shield rubber on the car properly, was to set the glass, w/ rubber on it, on the lower edge of the metal opening- w/ the rubber in and out of the metal, and have a lubricated cord already installed all around the groove in the rubber. When you pulled the cord from the inside, moving it along said rubber, it pulled the inner rubber lip into the inside of the metal lip, leaving the outer rubber lip on the outside of the metal. I used to do that total install in about 20 minutes. Book time for getting the glass, set up, install, and cleaning the glass was about 1 hour! This cord trick might work on horn grommets!?

Regards, Steve Lee

sarahcecelia    -- 06-23-2019 @ 4:05 PM
  Mike "kubes,"It looks like they are made in one continuous circle. I don't see any way that the horn trumpets can be removed from their base. I would guess then, that they have to be cut? One cut on each one? If that is true, what is the best place to make each cut; Where on the long one, and where on he short one???

What a headache this is, and has been!!, but I only want to do t it one way- THE RIGHT WAY!! There is a right way, and a wrong way, to do everything; and I always want to do things the RIGHT WAY!! Anal, yes.. but that has gotten me a lot of rewards in life!!

Regards, Steve Lee

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