Topic: Tudor Trunk Panel Hardware

kenburke    -- 05-17-2019 @ 4:20 PM
  Question: what do they look like?

kubes40    -- 05-18-2019 @ 6:13 AM
All side linings, regardless of model, were fastened to the body in numerous places utilizing oval head screws (32995-S15) and countersunk finishing washers (34885-S15). Many of the screws actually protruded through the rear wheel well panels. These protrusions were nipped off with a side cutter.
For comparison, the S15 finish is very similar to a modern antique bronze door knob.

Mike "Kube" Kubarth

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kenburke    -- 05-18-2019 @ 10:29 AM
  Thanks Mike, I had to make sure.

kubes40    -- 05-18-2019 @ 12:07 PM
You won't find the proper S15 fasteners. To replicate them, I acquire stainless steel screws and washers. I then heat them to red hot and drop in oil to quench. Once cooled and cleaned, I clear coat them.
This finish (S15) was also used inside the vehicle on (examples) door panels and rear package tray.
On nearly every concourse I've judged, most cars sport stainless - wrong!

Mike "Kube" Kubarth

kenburke    -- 05-18-2019 @ 1:41 PM
  Wow, How did you figure that out? No reply is required. Thanks

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