Topic: VIN Number on a 41 Ford Coupe

smamer    -- 08-27-2010 @ 3:55 PM
  I have a 1941 coupe and the state is telling me that I have to show them a VIN number on the car. They said that if I can't find it, I should start taking the car apart until I do. Where is the number located on the frame?

kubes40    -- 08-27-2010 @ 7:03 PM
  Four different places... the easiest to find is near your horns on the left frame rail. It'll be between the cowl and the front cross member. They were hand stamped so they didn't necessarily get in the same place on each car. If the car (frame) has been rusted, it may be difficult to find. I'd suggest a light spray of oil and a Scotch-Brite pad. Anything more aggressive and you may loose whatever remains of the numbers.
Two additional places were stamped upon the frame. One, about midway, almost directly in line with the left B pillar. The other on the top of the frame rail near the up-most part of the rear kick-up. Both of these obviously warrant removing the body to see.
the final place was at the top of the transmission case. easily seen after removing the center floor board. If the transmission is original to that car, the number will match the frame.

42wagon    -- 08-28-2010 @ 4:48 AM
  In addition to what kubes40 has told you, you may need to look further forward. The number on my 42 is directly on top of the frame in line with the front cross member. Don't be surprised if you don't see it at first. A lot of curd accumulates on the frame in 70 years. Just be very gentle looking for it and use a strong light at a low angle.

Part of my number was stamped very lightly and the rest with a heavy hand like they assigned some kid to stamp numbers and when he wasn't stamping them heavy enough an old hand stepped in to show him how to do it right.

Happy Hunting

TomO    -- 08-28-2010 @ 7:45 AM
  I have used white chalk to make the number easier to read. Crayon also works.

This is not a VIN number as we know it today, it is a serial number of the engine installed on the car. The number will have a format like this: *I8 (serial number)* and the serial number will be between 18-5,896,295 to 18-6,769,035 without the commas.


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